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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below frequently asked questions to assist you. If none of the sections below answer your question, please reach out to us via the Contact Us Page.


I've never registered with the Innisfil Skating Club (ISC) before. How do I create an account?

Click on the login button in the top right corner of the webpage. The right hand side of the page will say "First Time Registering?”. Fill in the form and follow the instructions for registration.

Why do I need to complete my registration within a limited time period?

Registration spots for all of our programs are limited. To ensure that your spot is saved during the registration process and that all users have an equal opportunity to register for programs, you must confirm your registration.

I have registered, but I also noticed additional fees added to my invoice. What are these fees?

The following fees apply to all registrations for our programs: 

Skate Canada Fee - This fee is a 1 year membership (Sept 1-Aug 31) that all participants of any Skate Canada sanctioned program are required to pay. This fee provided insurance, as well as program development. This fee is paid to Skate Canada by the club and is not refundable. . 

Fundraising Fee - Each family is required to pay a fundraising fee at the time of registration. 

I am having troubles registering. Who can I contact for help?

Thank you again for your patience as we transition to this new system. Any inquiries regarding registration can be sent via email to or and the on-line registration administrator will respond within 72 hours.

When do ISC Programs run?

ISC Programs run from October to March. Summer Programs are not currently available. 


Suitability of the Program (CanSkate)

Does my child have to have previous skating experience before signing up for the CanSkate program?

No. The CanSkate program is suitable for new skaters, as well as those with some experience.

Is the CanSkate program sufficiently advanced for my skater’s skills?

By the time they complete CanSkate, skaters should have several skating skills, some of which are listed here: fast forward and backward perimeter stroking, forward and backward crosscuts, side stops with speed, turns, basic spins, and jumps.

If I am sure that my skater is too advanced for the CanSkate level, what are their options with your club?

Skaters who our coaches have assessed as being too advanced for the CanSkate program will have the option of going up to the Intro STARSkate program (figure skating). Further information about the STARSkate program can be found by going STARSkate tab on our website.

My child has previous experience in another program. How will he/she be placed in the CanSkate program?

New skaters in the Pre-CanSkate session and in the CanSkate session are assessed by our professional coaches and moved to the appropriate level as needed.

A skater who comes from another Skate Canada club will be placed in the appropriate stage, based on the final standing at the other club.  Some review might be required to ensure consistency in the session.  


Junior/Senior (STARSkate)

When does my child move into STARSkate?

There are a few pathways:

1) If your skater has gone through the Skate Canada Learn-to-Skate program they will move into a STARSkate program upon the completion of CanSkate Stage 6.

2) If your skater has not gone through the Skate Canada Learn-to-Skate program they will need to be assessed by our Professional Coaches to determine if a STARSkate program is the right fit for them, or if starting in one of our other programs would be better for their development.

How often should my child be skating?

The recommendation of the Skate Canada Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is that youth skating at this level skate two to five days a week.

It is encouraged that skaters receive at least one 15 minute lesson with their coach on every session. Skater success is directly linked to the amount of practice hours they get per week, skaters with high test and competition goals are encouraged to skate more days. If skaters wish to succeed in all four disciplines it is suggested that they receive at least one lesson on each discipline each week.

How does coaching work in STARSkate?

Private coaching is suggested for all STARSkaters, group or semi-private lessons can be arranged also. In general, lessons are 15 minutes in length. All lessons must be booked by the parent with the coach of their choice at the beginning of the year, changes in lessons can occur throughout the season through communication between the parent and coach.

Skaters may skate with more than one coach, with the approval of the skater's base coach.

What does my skater do outside of their lessons?

Skaters are expected to work on their own, or in small groups with permission from the coach(es), on the various skills taught in their lessons. Depending on their levels skaters will have individual programs, FreeSkate solos and Interpretive solos, Skate Canada Dances and Skate Canada Skills to work on.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

What is the Cancellation Policy?

The Club reserves the right to cancel a session due to insufficient registration. In event of a club related cancellation, a full refund will be provided. 

What is the Refund Policy?

All refund requests must be made in writing to or

In the event that a session is cancelled due to lack of registration, a full refund will be issued. 

Mandatory fees are NOT refundable (Skate Canada fee and fundraising fee). 


Missed Classes

My skater has to miss one of their classes. Can she attend another class to make up for the missed class?

Members are assigned to specific groups on the day for which they registered and cannot attend a class on another day unless they make a permanent move to that class (only possible if there are spaces available).

If we have an extended vacation planned, can I register my child for only part of the lessons or get a refund for the lessons missed?

Participants who go away on extended vacations cannot make up the missed classes on another class day or receive a refund for missed classes. Parents who opt to register for only the latter part of a session must wait until that date to register and cannot request that a space be held for their child.


Wait List

If there are no spaces left in a class, do I have to pay to have my child’s name put on a waitlist?


How do I put my child’s name on the waitlist?

If a class if full, instead of a "Register" button beside the session, there will be a "Waitlist" button. When you should click that button, the site will allow you to add a child from your profile to the waitlist. Once a position has become available, you will be notified by email that a position is available. You can then log into the website and either register your child or remove them from the waitlist to allow the next person on the list to take their spot. Once the position is offered, there will be a limited time to complete the registration.

Can I find out where my child’s name is on the waitlist?

If you log into the website and click on "My Account" on the top right hand corner, you can then select "My Waitlist" from the submenu on the left hand side. This list will display each of the programs and children who are on the waitlist for each individual program along with their position on the list


Private Lessons (STARSkate Only)

How do I arrange for private lessons?

Arranging for Private Lessons is the responsibility of the Parent. Coaches are NOT allowed to approach parents or solicit. Here are some tips for arranging private lessons:

1. Talk to the Coaches. You are making a decision for your skater’s needs. Therefore, take the time to introduce yourself, advise them that you are considering private lessons, and inquire as to whether the coach is accepting students. Talk to skating parents for added information if desired.

2. Watch the Coaches. Check out how they conduct themselves and how they interact with the other skaters.

3. Fees. Fees for service vary so feel free to ask the Coach what they charge.

4. Group Lessons. You may wish to ask whether the Coach teaches semi-private and small groups as well.


Parents should expect their children’s coaches to:

  • Be safety conscious.
  • Be properly trained in the art of coaching.
  • Make the sport enjoyable for their children.
  • Treat each child as an individual.

How do I contact a Coach to discuss a private lesson?

Innisfil Skating Club Professional Coaches are all First Aid and NCCP Certified. Please contact the coaches virtually through the information provided on our "Coaches" tab. Alternatively, all coaches will be happy to discuss private lessons and inquiries in person.


Parent Roles

Can I stand on the ice with my child if he/she is uncomfortable?

No. For insurance purposes, only Skate Canada members are allowed on the ice.

Can I offer suggestions/help my child from the viewing area or ice level?

For their safety and the safety of others on the ice, we ask all our skaters to be 100% focused on what they are doing on the ice. When parents offer coaching or comments from the viewing area, it takes their attention away from the ice and creates a dangerous situation.